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Authority Hacker: How They Built A Name In Online Marketing

authority hacker

According to Franklin Gillette, “As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of extra income. There are opportunities available that people have been using for years now.” Online marketing is one of those legitimate sources.

However, the journey is full of many avoidable downfalls. Despite how easy online marketing can be, many beginners still make mistakes that destroy their business. It is all about having the right resources and the right people to guide you.

When it comes to the right resources, one of the names that stand out in internet marketing is Authority Hacker. You might have heard the name before and wonder how they built a name in a pretty short time. We have all the details, and we are willing to share.

Who Is ‘Authority Hacker’?

Picture Of Who Is Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is a platform created to help marketers learn how to be a success in online marketing. Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the founders of this site. They started Authority Hacker in 2013.

The site contains three courses with actionable content to help beginners and experts in building and maintaining authority sites. The founders share their experience in authority sites in these courses. The classes are also regularly updated with new information, which comes from lessons learned from the founders’ authority sites.

If you are looking for simple, practical, and proven education on how to use authority sites to make money in online marketing, Authority Hacker helps guide you to success. They are not the only names in the market, though. However, they have earned the respect of many big guns in the internet marketing world.

How did they do it? The ‘secret’ behind the trust that comes with the Authority Hacker brand is not much of one. Let’s dive into what makes their brand unique. You will learn one or two things worth copying.

How Authority Hacker Has Grown Into A Giant Brand?

Picture Of How Authority Hacker Has Grown Into A Giant Brand

Authority Hacker has built the name of being the go-to source for education if you want to develop successful authority sites. The platform is widely recognized with numerous positive reviews that hardly contain a con. Gael and Mark have earned respect accorded in the affiliate marketing world.

The question remains, ‘how did Authority Hacker grow into a giant brand?’ Let us demystify the mystery by telling you some of the things that Authority Hacker founders have done that you will not find on other similar platforms. Authority Hacker has grown to be a giant brand because of these features.

1. Truly Helpful Courses

Authority Hacker has three courses that a marketer can enroll for on the site. The courses are; Authority Hacker Pro, The Authority Site System, and the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint. Each of these courses is designed to help different stages of affiliate marketers.

A beginner will find The Authority Site System more helpful with all the fundamentals on how to build an authority site. Authority Hacker Pro and Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint are both advanced courses. The impact of these courses shows in the testimonies of the marketers who have applied the principles they contain.

Each module in the courses contain videos, notes, screenshots of step-by-step actions. While the courses do not help you get rich quick, Authority Hacker earned its name from the steady success the courses bring to their members.

2. Simple To Use

There are several helpful courses on the internet that might never gain the prestige that Authority Hacker has. Well, Authority Hacker has an edge due to its simplicity. They promise zero jargon and fluff and deliver.

The process of registration and login is smooth, with no interrupting upsells. The courses are also written in easy to read language that wouldn’t bore you. This element of simplicity makes Authority Hacker a popular choice for beginners.

3. Practical Truths

Many online marketing education sites are full of flashy pictures and vague advice. You keep waiting for WHAT you need to do, but you never get it. Authority Hacker does not only contain the WHAT, but it also helps you with the HOW.

No beating around the bush and no hidden persuasions with this tool! All the instructions have been proven to work on other authority sites built by the Gael and Mark. The courses contain details like a budget that you won’t find anywhere else.

They do not advertise as a course that will help you make money quickly. Members put in a certain amount of work on their part. Their reputation grew tremendously because of their way of telling the truth.

4. Great Design

Even though both founders are not designers, Authority Hacker is always well designed. The brand didn’t get its reputation by not following the same advice it gives after all. The layout makes it quick for anyone to navigate. In the competitive marketing industry, the design is one of the factors that has helped Authority Hacker maintain their reputation.

5. A Real Community

The value of a real community cannot be overestimated. Authority Hacker Facebook community consists of real people who are doing the same thing you are doing. Gael and Mark put the ‘commune’ back in the community with their Facebook community.

Members bring real issues for insights, and other members contribute their advice. Their community is not a silent group of people as Gael and Mark regularly post topics for discussion. The ability to connect people and help them bond on common interest is one of the factors that contributed to the rapid growth of Authority Hacker.

6. Wealth of Experience

Gael Breton and Mark Webster started Authority Hacker on the strength of the experience they have in online marketing. Gael is a marketer who had started in college. Mark is a systems expert with a background in AdSense campaigns and ClickBank products creation.

Both founders were already respected names before they started Authority Hacker. The respect extended to their platform due to the experience they have also helped Authority Hacker grow into the famous brand that it is.


Authority Hacker has reached this height by adding value. The founders saw a gap and filled it in the most practical and straightforward ways possible. Though the price might be a bit off-putting, any marketer worth his name would acknowledge the value that Authority Hacker adds. The brand deserves the prestige bestowed on it.

Some Tips For Building Up A Personal Brand Which Can Boost Your Career

Apple Inc is still known all over the world for saying “Think Different”. Nike told people to “Just Do It”, these are some slogans that literally motivated millions of souls, and this actually earned them billions of American dollars. They have also become rally cries which has set the tone for how exactly each of the companies communicate and also how they identify themselves in the market. With just a handful of words, these slogans have started telling a story, and they have also started influencing how people perceive the organizations which are behind them. Together, they would represent the power and also the potential branding as well.

Some people say that branding is what companies stand for. Branding is almost everything. I am sure that you have heard this. People blindly go out and buy iPhones every single year because they know that whatever Apple Inc puts out in their iPhones is going to be freaking brilliant, they know that the brand would never let them down and they know the brand value. When you have such amazing brand value, the people will flock to you.

Another example I can give you is Starbucks. When you are in a strange country, and you are not able to find some good coffee and decent food, you could run to Starbucks because you know that you could find both, in Starbucks. A strong brand name is what most companies’ dream of because that is something that people would be loyal to.

Branding is not exactly just for companies; you can create a personal brand as well. It is actually very similar to a corporate brand. It is actually who you are and also what you stand for. It is also the values that you would embrace and the way in which you would express those values.


Here are some things that you can do to build a personal brand.

  • You should actually figure out who you are first. You should know where you excel, what exactly motivates you, what roles would drain you and also what projects you would love to do.
  • You should also determine what you would be known for. The personal brand would be a reflection of who you are, and that is very important indeed.
  • You should also define your audience. Before you go and start crafting the personal brand, you should determine who you are trying to reach.
  • You should also research the desired industry and then follow the experts.
  • You should also not be shy to ask for advice and help as well; from the one who know to do it better.