Some Tips For Building Up A Personal Brand Which Can Boost Your Career

Some Tips For Building Up A Personal Brand Which Can Boost Your Career

Apple Inc is still known all over the world for saying “Think Different”. Nike told people to “Just Do It”, these are some slogans that literally motivated millions of souls, and this actually earned them billions of American dollars. They have also become rally cries which has set the tone for how exactly each of the companies communicate and also how they identify themselves in the market. With just a handful of words, these slogans have started telling a story, and they have also started influencing how people perceive the organizations which are behind them. Together, they would represent the power and also the potential branding as well.

Some people say that branding is what companies stand for. Branding is almost everything. I am sure that you have heard this. People blindly go out and buy iPhones every single year because they know that whatever Apple Inc puts out in their iPhones is going to be freaking brilliant, they know that the brand would never let them down and they know the brand value. When you have such amazing brand value, the people will flock to you.

Another example I can give you is Starbucks. When you are in a strange country, and you are not able to find some good coffee and decent food, you could run to Starbucks because you know that you could find both, in Starbucks. A strong brand name is what most companies’ dream of because that is something that people would be loyal to.

Branding is not exactly just for companies; you can create a personal brand as well. It is actually very similar to a corporate brand. It is actually who you are and also what you stand for. It is also the values that you would embrace and the way in which you would express those values.


Here are some things that you can do to build a personal brand.

  • You should actually figure out who you are first. You should know where you excel, what exactly motivates you, what roles would drain you and also what projects you would love to do.
  • You should also determine what you would be known for. The personal brand would be a reflection of who you are, and that is very important indeed.
  • You should also define your audience. Before you go and start crafting the personal brand, you should determine who you are trying to reach.
  • You should also research the desired industry and then follow the experts.
  • You should also not be shy to ask for advice and help as well; from the one who know to do it better.

Ben Kim