Making the Best Use of Affiliate Marketing Course

Making the Best Use of Affiliate Marketing Course

There has never been a better time in history to get into affiliate marketing. Firstly, the ever-growing industry is at its best at the moment. The industry offers you a chance to make lots of money. More so, training is not too expensive.

Finding the right type of training program might be tedious, though. There are a lot of fakes who are out to take your money. People with only a little idea about the business concepts would give out useless and outdated information. In worse case scenarios, you could get unrealistic details that make you lose money.  

This article examines two of the most prominent affiliate marketing courses; Authority Hacker and Income School, which will save you from wasting precious money. 

What is Authority Hacker?

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Authority Hacker is not just one of the regular affiliate marketing courses. For those who know the duo Gael Breton and Mark Webster as well as listen to their podcasts, little needs to be said. After struggling with a rough start, they own an authority website called Health ambition.

As of today, their website boasts of visitors not less than 500,000 in a month. These figures are not just accidental. They are instead a result of putting the right energy in the right direction. They decided to start Authority Hacker to share the insights that are needed to become successful.

The Authority Hacker courses are of two types or levels. It is the Authority Hacker base course (also called The Authority Site System TASS) and the Authority Hacker Pro. 

The base course is designed for newbies who do not have a lot of ideas as regards affiliate marketing. It would teach you how to build your affiliate websites from scratch in such a way that you can make good money.

This course would cost you a one-time payment of 997 dollars. When you consider the fact that you would learn skills that would make you earn as much as 1000 dollars in a month, this price is worth it.  

On the other hand, Authority Hacker Pro is designed for people who already have an idea of affiliate marketing. If you are already making money, the course will guide you on what to do to improve. The multi-dimensional course will expose you to blueprints that your business needs to move to the next level. 

Upgrading to Authority Hacker Pro for the first time would cost you 797 dollars or a monthly payment of 179 dollars for six months. A second upgrade would cost you 1797 dollars or 197 dollars monthly for 12 months. 

What is Income School?

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Just like Authority Hacker, this class is yet another fantastic affiliate marketing course out there for you. The project is co-owned by Jim Harmer and Ricky Tesler and presented in the most professional way possible. A beginner would find this course quite intriguing.  

With Income School, you do not need to spend money on new tools. More importantly, they give you a step by step guide to building the affiliate site of your dreams at an affordable rate, removing the risk of penalization from Google.

Interestingly, all affiliate sites created with Income School are done without the need for backlinks. They can do so by creating excellent content that is good enough for the readers and Google as well. 

If, in the end, you find it hard to create content on your own or you do not wish to, Income school has got you covered! Income School writers’ training offers you the highest quality writers at the most affordable rates.

For newbies, you get a step by step do it yourself instruction on how you can write engaging articles. Furthermore, Income School has a large community where you get to ask questions and borrow from the abundant wealth of experience of others. 

 You would be surprised to find out that Jim and Ricky are also very active members of this community. The duo takes their time to show their commitment by answering the most advanced questions asked.

As a member, you would have access to listen to their podcasts for free. On the podcasts, you get to find more insights to help you out and tips as well.

Income school costs a one-time 499 dollars payment or an alternative of 199 dollars per annum.  

Authority Hacker VS Income School

Being among the best you can get out there, the duo shares some similarities, and they also differ. In terms of similarities, both of them are updated continuously. Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured of current information regarding Google algorithms.

Speaking of differences, Income School is more concerned with helping you develop content. Therefore, they have different templates for articles as well as outsourcing so that you can achieve this goal. They also come up with engaging articles with keywords to drive traffic to your website. 

Authority School, on the other hand, would give you all you need regarding building white hat links. Furthermore, Authority Hacker has more topics compared with Income School because Authority Hacker deals more with building links. In terms of pricing, the Income School is the most affordable.

In general terms, both courses are an ideal fit for what you need. However, making money using Income school might take a little longer than it would with Authority Hacker. 


The internet of today is filled with lots of fakes when it comes to affiliate marketing courses. One has to be very careful when selecting a course. However, that is not the case with Income School and Authority Hacker. There is something for everyone to learn from on both platforms depending on your preference.  


Ben Kim