Falling 20082 Channel HD Video Installation2’30” Video: William MansfieldMusic Track: Falling, Roy Orbison Falling inter-cuts two continuous shots between two lovers to the sound track of Roy Orbison’s song of the same name. Through the use of filmic conventions and theatrical techniques this work constructs a makeshift version of parallel editing. It alludes to a narrative of […]


Scrum 2008Live Performance30 minsUmpire: William MansfieldVideo Documentation: Amelia Tovey Scrum is a performance of athletic endurance in which an abstracted form of ‘scrumming’ is performed as a competitive game between the four members of Brown Council.


BC Institute are launching their next work, a new commission for the Art Gallery of New South Wales on 27 November 2016. The project is the fourth part in an ongoing series exploring the mythic Australian performance artist Barbara Cleveland, who was active in Sydney in the 1970s but remains absent from art historical accounts of the period. home

Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours

2012Live Performance90 HoursMASS ACTION WEBSITE Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours is a performative bake-off and test of endurance between the four members of Brown Council. Within the civic space of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) headquarters in Sydney’s Potts Point, Brown Council will bake around the clock for 90 hours in an attempt to […]

Appearing Act

  20111 Channel HD Video6’12” Video: William Mansfield In Appearing Actthe four members of Brown Council magically ‘appear’ out of thin air through simple, home-made trickery. What seems to be a black empty video frame begins to move and shake. A small hand saw pierces through the surface to reveal the four members of Brown Council […]

Barbara Cleveland

This is Barbara Cleveland 2013Single Channel HD Video16’42” Written & Directed by Brown CouncilOriginal Score by Lucy PhelanSound & Video by Elliot Hughes Barbara Cleveland was an Australian performance artist working predominantly in Sydney in the 1970s and up until her untimely death in 1981. Despite her significant output of work, Cleveland remains largely unknown […]

One Hour Laugh

20091 Channel HD Video60′ Sound: Frederick Rodrigues One Hour Laugh depicts Brown Council enacting a routine of endurance laughter. Over the course of the hour their laughter travels between tedium to strain, to genuine hilarity, to humiliation. Brown Council’s unsettling laughter parodies the austerity of performance art documentation through overt theatricality and seemingly senseless enjoyment.

Massaction 1043

THE JOY OF THE MEETING OF THE CWA AND BROWN COUNCIL Posted on August 31st, 2012 by JaneFiled Under Art, CWA, Generationalism CWA Member: What is this? Is it judges training?Di: No, it’s an art work. It’s a performance.CWA Member: It is not! Is it?! This was perhaps my favourite interaction between the women of Brown Council and […]