Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours

Live Performance
90 Hours

Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours is a performative bake-off and test of endurance between the four members of Brown Council. Within the civic space of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) headquarters in Sydney’s Potts Point, Brown Council will bake around the clock for 90 hours in an attempt to cook every recipe in the iconic CWA cookbook Jam Drops and Marble Cake. Paying tribute to CWA’s 90-year history, dedicated to the empowerment of women, this monumental feat will explore culturally embedded notions of ‘women’s work’ and the importance of intergenerational dialogue.

This sleepless four-day event will culminate in a cake-judging tournament in which certified CWA and Land Cookery judge Alison Mutton will put Brown Council’s efforts to the test. This will be followed by an afternoon tea for CWA members and invited guests.

Over the course of the 90 hours, will become a document of the event through live video and twitter feed and continuous mobile uploads of all the baking triumphs and failures. Writers Ianto Ware and Jane Howard will also take up residence at the CWA headquarters, and will be responding to events as they happen and blogging about feminism, baking, women’s work and much more.

During the 90 hours the members of Brown Council must adhere to the following rules:

1. There must be continuous baking for the entire 90 hours, from  12pm 28 August – 6am 1 September 2012.

2. At least two members must be cooking at all times and all four members must be cooking during the designated opening hours

3. Members must not leave the CWA headquarters at any time during the 90 hours.

4. Members must attempt to bake all cakes in accordance with CWA judging standards, but if a cake fails (burns, sinks etc.) the member may not attempt to bake it again.

5. Once the cake is cooked members must label the cake, photograph it and then put it on display in the auditorium. All cakes must be photographed and the images uploaded onto the website.

To watch Brown Council in action, visit them onsite at the CWA headquarters during the designated opening hours, online at, or book in to the afternoon tea.

Mass Action: 137 Cakes In 90 Hours is part of HALLS FOR HIRE, a season of site-specific performance and installation presented by Performance Space in town halls, church halls, sports centres and other community meeting spaces across Sydney. This season invites artists to consider the architecture, history and social function of these spaces and create site-specific interventions that transform, alter, or respond to them via their artistic practices.